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    It was invented by the Australian Greame Attey in 1997, most of the people know it under the name of “inline boarding”. Mix of surf, snowboard and longboard, it allows several way of use from proper downhill to cross country as well as with a traction kite. Personal record so far: 95km/h !!!

    It allows to be more efficient thanks to the lying position from an aerodynamic and anatomic point of view ! I usually do 150km by car and 1000km by bike every month, no need to further explain what I prefer !

    It was invented in the late 90’s by some BMX and snowboard riders. One of them, Frank Petoud, had the idea to cut his snowboard in two and to fix it on his BMX to enjoy the snow. Since then, his company insane Toys offer various models from aluminum to titanium allowing to compete in French, European and world championship on a yearly basis.

    A nice trekking in the mountains when you reach the top and you say to yourself “Damn, now I have to go all the way down…”, you know that ? The Mountainskyver offers the possibility to walk uphill and roll downhill: disc brakes, full suspension and proper MTB tires… Everything is there to have a great ride ! When you go up it folds in a back pack, once unfolded you ride it like a bike… Sensational !

    Since little I was surrounded by music, whether at home, in the car, we use to sing very often. I’m now proudly part of the Me and the Heat band, a professional German cover band and I have the chance to share the stage with them approximately twice a month… Pure pleasure !

    This is the most conventional of all activities present on this page, nothing articular to say unless the fact that it goes really fast !
  • KITE

    Thanks to a colleague I’m now proud owner of a Cabrinha Convert of 9m². Through his advices and Youtube videos I manage to make it fly, first 10 seconds, then 2 hours at the second try ! Can’t wait to be good enough to try it with some other stuff !


  • Roche
  • BMW Pelras Toulouse
  • Azub
  • Baru
  • Radical Design
  • Casco
  • Mavic
  • Stadtmannheim
  • Novosport
  • Der Radladen